Meet the Team 

All members of the Brooklyn Bodyburn staff are Lagree Fitness™ certified. Private sessions are available. Please email


Tracy Carlinsky

There's a reason she's the boss. She means business. Her take-no-prisoners attitude will leave you aching for more. 


Amanda schoppe

Is your new best friend. To know her is to love her. You'll giggle, you'll shake and you may leave with a shredded core almost as ripped as her own.


High-energy and inspiring!
Hannah's passion for form and movement transcend into her love for Bodyburn.  She brings her experience as a professional dancer and her knowledge as a skilled trainer to the room and is sure to leave you feeling sweaty, strong and empowered!


KElly keesler

Your #1 Fan. Kelly's pep and cheer could rouse a crowd. Her drive and encouragement will leave your entire body (and booty) burning. 

Jason OStrander

Individually we are all strong but together we are unstoppable! Jason will push you past ANY limits.  Expect to leave feeling empowered, energized, and sweaty as hell!

Anna Bonnell

Easing the BURN one smile at a time. Anna brings a class filled with positive vibes, a contagious smile and non-stop energy! She's got a "bet you didn't see that coming" sparkle in her eye. 


devon kincaid

The calm before the storm. Don't be fooled by Devon's pleasant demeanor and amiable smile. Devon's class is a whirlwind. His clever and intense sequencing will challenge you to a full body shake and leave you drenched in sweat.


You have to push past what's possible to achieve the impossible. A seasoned teacher of dance, yoga and fitness, Maria is eager to motivate and help others realize how physically and mentally strong they can be! Her contagious smile and uplifting spirit will empower you to surpass your personal best. 




Joyce WOng

She puts the JOY in Joyce. Joyce's enthusiasm and excitement will drive you to push yourself to the edge and feel all-powerful while doing it.  You'll shake like a leaf, get drenched in sweat, and leave knowing you are super-human!


Katie Cantor

We got this. From her first body-shaking class Katie fell in love with the method and now she's using her passion to inspire you!  Her infectious energy and non-stop encouragement motivates newbies and seasoned burners alike to push past limits both physically and mentally - come see for yourself!


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