Allure // Sweat and Tears

Allure Magazine highlights their favorite cult fitness studios in the January 2016 issue.

Brooklyn BodyBurn tops the list of Allure's favorite studios. "[We'll] glady drink the Bodyburn Kool-Aid."

"I've taken Pilates on a mat. I've taken Pilates on a chair. I've taken Pilates with a jump board...Pilates is to Brooklyn Bodyburn as a jump squat is to going to space." - described by journalist Mary H.K. Choi

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"However no one told me about the sweat factor...and Brooklyn Bodyburn can give bikram yoga a run for its money. You push, pull, lift, and bend very slowly and constantly for the entire class, never allowing any muscle group to rest. When they say "burn," it isn't just for the alliteration - your arms, legs and abs quiver like a loose flan placed atop a fault line."