SELF magazine // Working Out With… Model Mirte Maas


One SELF editor finds out what happens when you work out with one of the runway's hottest bods. No doubt Mirte Maas (above, left) is in excellent shape (just check out Instagram feed), but how she gets there is the really interesting part. To sculpt enviable abs, legs and well, just about everything else like Maas, we joined the model on a recent trip to Brooklyn Bodyburn where we got a serious sweat session in from the studio’s owner and trainer, Tracy Carlinsky (above, right). After intense 55-minute class practicing the studio’s Lagree Fitness Method—which blends the low-impact, muscle-toning principles of Pilates with elements of cardio—we were exhausted, but also learned exactly why Maas looks as healthy and amazing as she does. Check out highlights in the slideshow below and Maas’ thoughts on staying in the fitness zone. READ FULL ARTICLE