New Balance // How Intense Is Too Intense?


HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a common buzz word in the fitness community these days. High-intensity intervals challenge your body by rapidly increasing your heart rate for a duration of time, followed by a rest period. These workouts can vary in terms of their protocol (intervals, circuits or tabata) and format (weights, body weight, cardio, etc.) but are being done in group exercise classes and private training sessions around the world.

The more you increase your heart rate and the more muscles you recruit, the more calories you’ll torch. If high-intensity training is so beneficial, we should do it every day, right? Wrong. Too much intensity without the proper rest is a surefire way to create injuries, aches, pains and problems. Tracy Carlinsky, NB fitness ambassador and owner of Brooklyn Bodyburn, started off as a fitness entrepreneur and now focuses her classes on high-intensity, full-body exercises. We’ve asked her a few questions to find out how much intensity is enough and how much rest is necessary to ensure you’re reaping the benefits instead of harming your body. READ FULL ARTICLE