The Stripe // Get Active: A 5-day Diary.

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Without further adieu… my five day journal!

Sunday: I met my friend Felicia for a class at Brooklyn Body Burn. I’ve never experienced anything quite like this class. For those of you who think you are in decent shape… take this class. Just once. Be prepared to be completely and utterly humbled. BBB is 55 minutes of pure torture. There is no warm up, no cool down… just 55 minutes of this terrible (awesome) reformer-esque contraption. There are lunges, planks, mountain climbers… the works. I can barely work the machine. I am dizzy. I keep looking down at the message on my tights. “Rest Later. You can rest later.” But I powered through… though at one point the instructor gave me a lifesaver because I thought I was going to pass out. It was awful. And glorious. All at once. I texted Molly hours later (body still shaking) telling her that we have to go next time she’s in the city.

Monday: Monday was an active rest day as I felt like I got into a fight – or fell down five sets of stairs. I walked to and from work, took a twenty minute walk during lunch… and treated myself to a whole lot of stretching + foam rolling when I got home from work. Also, I booked a five pack at Brooklyn Body Burn. Guess I’m a glutton for punishment.