Shape // I Exercised Like My Wife for a Month...

SHAPE Magazine highlights one husband's month of working out like his wife.

Check out his description of his first BURN. 

Before I go to Brooklyn Bodyburn, I watch a video about the class. In it, a model climbs onto the "megaformer," a juiced-up Pilates contraption with stable platforms on both ends, and a moveable platform in the middle. Then she arranges herself into a plank and glides back and forth. It looks easy and fun.

And it was fun. Briefly.

We start simple: a plank, a lunge, some push-ups. I keep up with the off-duty fitness instructor working out next to me, which is very satisfying. But then the positions become more complex—hold my leg this way, my arm here, my hips forward, my shoulders somewhere else. I become aware of how much energy my body has, and how quickly I'm burning through it. There's no time to rest. Soon, basic instructions seem nearly impossible. "Put your arm here" sounds like "arm-wrestle this bear." And while I'm at it, I should also kick down a metal door, while also flipping over a Buick, and...

Then it happens. The thing I know is coming: I run out of gas and collapse. Just, collapse. My body, this useless and inert thing, just flops down onto megaformer like it's ready for the butcher. I look up at the clock: We're not even 10 minutes into class.

Maybe I just need some water, I think. So I roll over, set my wobbly feet on the ground, and gulp half a bottle. There. That's better. I take a deep breath, and get back onto the megaformer. The instructor tells us to lunge and hold for ten seconds. I get through two and collapse anew.

"Three!" the instructor yells. "Four!"

I lay prostrate on the megaformer, panting.

"Five! Six!"

Somehow, I manage to drag my body back into position.


I fall again.


Do women tell themselves that they can always soldier on—that deep inside of them, there when they need it most, there is a limitless reservoir of energy? Men do. I always did. In movies, when someone flees the bad guy, runs out of steam, and simply awaits their fate, I always think, "If my life depended on it, I'd keep going." Now I know that's not true. I would get half a block away, then curl up and die.


I have never failed as fully at something as I failed this class.


The rest of the class is a blur. Although, I do remember the instructor continually coming over and physically moving me into whatever position the rest of the class is achieving. "We talk a lot of shit about ourselves, but we'd never say that about someone else," she announces to us all, though I suspect it's aimed at me. I appreciate the sentiment, but I want to be clear: If someone else fails this class as badly as I've done, I would definitely not talk shit about them. I'd say, "Hey, come join me over here—I'm taking a nap." Because anyone who even attempts this class is heroic. And so, as the class ends and I finally hobble out, that's what I ultimately decide: My success was staying in the building. I kept trying. I failed, but I kept trying.

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Allure // Sweat and Tears

Allure Magazine highlights their favorite cult fitness studios in the January 2016 issue.

Brooklyn BodyBurn tops the list of Allure's favorite studios. "[We'll] glady drink the Bodyburn Kool-Aid."

"I've taken Pilates on a mat. I've taken Pilates on a chair. I've taken Pilates with a jump board...Pilates is to Brooklyn Bodyburn as a jump squat is to going to space." - described by journalist Mary H.K. Choi

Check out the full article in the current issue of Allure Magazine!


"However no one told me about the sweat factor...and Brooklyn Bodyburn can give bikram yoga a run for its money. You push, pull, lift, and bend very slowly and constantly for the entire class, never allowing any muscle group to rest. When they say "burn," it isn't just for the alliteration - your arms, legs and abs quiver like a loose flan placed atop a fault line."

Conde Nast Traveller // The Coolest Fitness Trends in the US

      "We’ve all been there. You arrive in a new city—maybe for vacation, maybe for work—and instantly, your exercise routine goes out the window. But thanks to ClassPass, you no longer need a gym membership or innate understanding of the fitness options in a given city to stay fit. Here, Payal Kadakia, founder of the revolutionary fitness app, shares her best tips for getting a workout on the road. "

"If regular Pilates seems too gentle but you still want something low-impact, Brooklyn Bodyburn's souped-up version is the answer. Fifty minutes of high intensity movements at a glacial pace stimulate slow-twitch muscle fiber, making for a limb-shaking, sweaty workout that ensures you’re burning more calories long after you leave the studio."

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SELF magazine // Up Your Burn

Use a Wall To Tone Your Abs, Butt and Thighs

Self Magazine knows the reason Brooklyn BodyBurn is the go-to workout for celebs and models.  Each session works your muscles to the point that they're quivering. And you feel 'the burn' exactly where we all want it most; abs, butt and thighs.

Learn the six sculpting moves you can do anywhere from Brooklyn Bodyburn owner Tracy Carlinsky.

Click here to watch the video

Industry Brooklyn // Burn Baby, Burn

Lithe, lovely, and strong, Tracy Carlinsky is the perfect workout cheerleader, and one of the most charismatic proselytizers of a fitness method that first took hold among celebrity circles in Hollywood, but has quickly extended eastward. The owner and founder of Brooklyn Bodyburn was quick to point out, first, that her studios are the only locations in the County of Kings where the Legree Fitness Method is available.

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Racked // What the Team Behind SELF Magazine Wears to Work


Barbara Reyes, Creative Director of SELF Magazine
What's your favorite workout? 
I enjoy workouts that engage the entire body. This includes circuits on the Nike training app, or the FIT class of Drill Fitness. I'm obsessed with Brooklyn Bodyburn because it targets body parts you rarely think to work out. And rowing, boxing, and tennis are great cardio.